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How to become an authentic leader

A Treasure Trove of Resources for Ambitious Women Leaders

You'll find here all you need to raise your game -- actually play a different, a far more effective game that plays to your talents and natural strengths as a woman leader.

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High Impact Leadership

For senior women leaders like you ready to transition to the next level of your career.  An integrated and tailored program where we map out your path of least resistance to achieving your outcome.

You'll reconnect with your deepest purpose to ensure your outcome, once achieved, is truly fulfilling in all areas of your life and work.

Engage your people. With your teams, go through the "Your Team in Flow" program to raise team standards, get into flow and perform at peak.

Be guided by and held accountable as you clear the blocks holding you back, tap into your full potential and perform at your highest and best self.

This program is limited to a few senior women each year. To discuss whether this is a good fit for you right now...

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Your Team in Flow

In which you and your team discover their natural talents -- the activities that bring them most into flow and enable them to make the greatest contribution to the team.

This awareness and respect is the first step in developing the trust so necessary for a team to thrive and reach peak performance.

With shared values and a team in flow and aligned with your purpose and vision, you'll up your game and your performance, tapping into your full potential to readily achieve your outcome.

You and your team can thrive.

This is included as part of the High Impact Leadership program.

It may be purchased separately to boost the performance of failing or poor performing teams.

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The Female Leader's Round Table

A monthly round table discussion with a few senior female leaders to address the myriad challenges you face. By tapping into the collective intelligence and experience of other women who've 'been there and done that before', you'll get the insights, the support and suggestions you need to resolve your dilemmas.

Bring your challenges to these open, supportive and confidential gatherings. Feel part of a like-minded community of other women leaders, there for mutual support.

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Making Time for What Matters

Making Time for What Matters

Invest an hour of your precious time in completing this online program, and discover how to save up to 10 hours a week, simply by identifying what really matters to you and saying 'no' to what doesn't.

Time is not the only resource you're short of. And not the only resource you'll reclaim: you'll discover a few simple ways to restore your precious energy as well.

£195 for lifetime access

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One Minute Wonders

A dozen simple, elegant and extremely powerful quick fixes to pull out whenever you need them.

  • Some of these restore your energy when you've run out of steam.
  • Some free up time when you're most under pressure
  • Others relieve stress and clear your energy
  • Still others protect you emotionally whenever you need it.
  • All in less than a minute.

£95 for lifetime access

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