Elevate your Leadership

High engagement, productivity and trust. Inspired teams in flow.
Without compromising your values, wellbeing or personal life.

Is that even possible?

Given your crazy busy diary and the incessant demands on your time and energy, you hardly have time to think let alone do the strategic work so essential to your role -- and your prospects for advancement...

  • Your team has downsized. Fewer talented people to deliver the same or better results.
  • Already stressed by the pandemic, like you, they're finding it hard to cope with the uncertainty and endless changes at work.
  • You may well be their 'shoulder to cry on', adding their emotional 'stuff' to your own stress levels.

It's been difficult, if not impossible, to cultivate those key relationships so necessary to your advancement.  Yet, advancement and using your influence to make an impact at a higher level and to a wider community really matters to you.

Something has to give.

And that something cannot be your health and wellbeing.

  • It's time to get clear on what really matters to you -- your vision for a better world and map out your very own tailored plan to realise it. This is your path of least resistance.
  • Time to clear the blocks that hold you back or trip you up along the way.
  • Time to engage your people; reach out and consciously create a robust support network, not just to further your career, but for all areas of your life.
  • Time to build the kind of trust within your team that transforms their morale and performance. With an inspired team in flow, aligned with your vision and committed to commonly agreed results,

You get into flow so you can easily up your game, step into a new role, with new and expanded responsibilities and influence.

Or garner the support you need to succeed with your initiative to bring more inclusion, diversity and equality to your workplace: a work environment where everyone can flourish.


High Impact Leadership is by application only.

Gold Line

High Impact Leadership

Align your Purpose  Engage your People Elevate your Performance

A transformational 12 month programme for senior women leaders and their teams.

There are two key components:

  1. 121 coaching and mentoring for you, the leader, through the 12 months of the engagement. This provides you with the support, the systems and tools you need to achieve your outcome.
  2. Your Team in Flow, a 3-4 month engagement for you and your team or teams. This powerful program builds the kind of trust needed for a team to perform at peak and in flow.

If you're ready to elevate your performance, make the unique contribution only you can make, step into a new role, or initiate and fulfil on initiatives to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in your workplace, then let's speak.