The Female Leader's Round Table

Resolve the Challenges You Face

In the company of a few women leaders who understand your situation, because they've been through it before. Or are going through it alongside you.

Tap into their experience and knowledge. Gain the insights you need to unlock a problem you're dealing with. Share your own advice and guidance to other women in the group.

Extend your network and develop friendships with like-minded women on a similar path to your own.

A meeting of the Female Leader's Round Table is held once a month. Discussions are open, frank, supportive and of course, confidential.

Join us.

Get the help you need to deal with the:

  • Constant time pressures to deliver results, often without the staff and resources you need.
  • Frequent change of priorities and uncertainties that leave everyone on edge.
  • Political power plays and hidden agendas.
  • Workload, when it all gets to be too much!
courage in a leadership role

Get the support you Need

Your first month Free. Thereafter, £195 per month