Leadership Masterclasses: Women's empowerment training at your fingertips


Designed to empower high-performing women, these powerful masterclasses explore and resolve the key challenges women leaders face. Each masterclass delves deep into that challenge to understand it fully, and with that understanding and the insights that arise, you'll discover impactful techniques to implement to cause transformative changes in your personal and professional life. Through enhanced relationships, increased energy, and boosted confidence, you'll not only live your purpose, but also become an influential agent of change in your own sphere. 

During these essential women's empowerment training sessions, leading female leadership coach Dr. Almira Ross, will explore a variety of challenges, from getting paid your worth, to breaking the cycle of overwhelm, imposter syndrome and more. This includes Almira's celebrated signature empowerment training session for women leaders - Elevate your Performance. 

Find out more about what's involved in each masterclass, and take the first steps towards becoming a more confident and influential business leader. 

Gold Line


Overcoming overwhelm is not a simple task, but it is absolutely achievable. In this masterclass,we will explore three fundamental steps that will guide you towards reclaiming control over your life.

Elevate your performance, influence and impact; achieve the one thing that would make the biggest difference to your life and career. Your path of least resistance. Your masterclass here.

This masterclass focuses on getting paid your worth - and that means knowing and owning your value and importantly,  being able to communicate that value to others. It's only then that you're in a position to negotiate the salary and benefits you know you deserve.

Feeling an imposter is common and women often assume it's all their fault. Not so. In this masterclass, you'll discover how your imposter gets triggered and develop some tried and tested strategies for letting her go.  

Every woman leader needs support in every area of her life. Discover how to consciously design a network that supports you fully, whatever life throws at you.

Try to effect positive change, and you'll almost certainly experience pushback. In this masterclass, you'll learn how to overcome those challenges, enrol the people and resources you need to bring about lasting change. You can access your masterclass here.