Lead authentically and-2


Dr Almira Ross

Women‘s Leadership Coach

High engagement, productivity and trust. Inspired teams in flow.
Without compromising your values, wellbeing or personal life.


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Lead authentically and-2


Dr Almira Ross

Women‘s Leadership Coach

High engagement, productivity and trust. Inspired teams in flow.
Without compromising your values, wellbeing or personal life.

Reclaim your Power * Engage your People * Align your Purpose

Being with these One Minute Wonders
to Relieve your Stress, Reclaim your Time & Replenish your Energy


It’s Time To play a different game

Where you and your team do meaningful work in a safe and inclusive environment.
One that promotes trust and engagement.

Ensures you retain your key talent, rather than lose talented capable women, because they're no longer willing to put up with the unconscious biases so prevalent in the workplace.

Unacceptably long hours in an 'always on' culture is exhausting you and your team.

The pressure to perform shows no sign of letting up. Good people are leaving.

Senior women have been hit especially hard since the start of the pandemic, losing their jobs at a much higher rate than men in similar roles.

You've already lost two key senior women and top management still expects you to deliver the same, if not more and better, results with a smaller team.

You know the environment is unhealthy. But don't have the time or headspace to work out how to shift it.

With remote working now the norm, there's no boundary between work and home; nor is there the time or space to create a workable work-life balance.

And that concerns you. Because you know, even now that lockdown has eased, remote working is here to stay.


What if You could Transform your Workplace?

Change how you lead, and you'll change the way others relate to you.

It all begins with you

Hello I'm


Dr Almira Ross

As one of only a few women in technology, I simply got on with the work I loved. Not realising that I was carving out a path not just for myself, but for other women to follow.

I’d be kidding you and myself if I said it was easy. The work, yes. I enjoyed what I was doing. Navigating the day-to-day of dealing almost exclusively with male colleagues proved especially challenging. For the most part, they tended to behave as if women weren’t present, or if they were, were of little significance or contribution.

Yet, I proved myself, and garnered reluctant respect. When I stepped into leadership with an entirely male team, things really heated up. They actively resisted being led by a woman.  This was a global role, high powered, high profile, and highly stressful. That’s without the positively unhealthy team dynamics I had to deal with. Or the fact that those male team members were being paid more than I…

“I only wish I’d had you as my coach
When I was in the corporate world.”

This, from a woman who is now running her own successful business.  Looking back on my years in the corporate world, I could so easily have said the same. Wishing I knew then what I know now.

I often wonder what I might have accomplished, how I might have been a far more influential leader had I had access to Lead with Ease and Teams in Flow.

But I didn’t. And when the stresses of that role got too much for me; when I was teetering on the point of burn out, I took the courageous decision to leave.

And forge another career for myself. From the predominately male environment of my corporate career, I chose to support women leaders like you in dealing with the day-to-day biases, many unconscious, that still pervade the workplace.

That is now my passion. And my greatest wish for you is that you discover how to lead courageously, authentically and easily by owning and stepping fully into your natural strengths as a woman.


High Impact


One on one coaching program for ambitious women leaders ready to transform their careers.

We agree your focus and outcomes up front and provide the coaching and accountability for you to achieve that outcome or something even better.

You'll discover your path of power -- the simplest, easiest way for you to achieve these, and future outcomes. Increase your performance, impact and influence and lead authentically from your natural strengths as a woman.

lead like a woman image

Lead like a


Reclaim your Power; Engage your People and Align your Power and People with your Purpose to make the impact only you can make. You are a talented and capable leader ready for the next great adventure. Ready to discover the full extent of your greatness and what you can accomplish when you learn to lead like a woman and lead with ease. 

This 6 month program takes you on a journey of empowerment and achievement to transform every aspect of your life — restore your health , vitality and inner wellbeing, and transform your relationships at work and at home.

And from this far more empowered state, you can own your vision for a better world and lead authentically from your natural strength as a woman.

Get your team

In flow

Take the Talent Dynamics assessment and come to appreciate each and every member of your team — their natural talents and abilities, how they work in, and contribute to, the team.  When they are in flow, they lift the entire team. Yet, out of flow, they demotivate not only themselves, but also those around them.

When each member of your team plays to their natural strengths and talents, and appreciates the role other team members are playing, the team builds trust — in themselves and in one another. They begin to play as a team, collaborating effectively and encouraging creativity and innovation.  As the levels of collaboration rise, the team becomes more productive and engaged. They come to love what they do, and are a joy to work with.


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Discover a new style of leadership that plays to your strengths.

The leadership style SO needed for this digital decade.

Where agility, trust and inspiration are the new rules of the game.

Read on for how you and your team can meet the challenges and opportunities ahead — and flourish.


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