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I have worked with Almira for several months and I can see the trends changing. From an overwhelmed and confused woman juggling too many things at once, I am transforming into a balanced and organised business woman. What makes the biggest difference is consciousness of my weaknesses and strengths and true acceptance. Almira has a great talent to bring to the surface ideas and motivation. Our sessions are lighthearted and very supportive. I would recommend her to everyone, who needs to calm down the chaos in their life.

Boryana Nikolova, 92 Dental

I’m Brazilian and we show a lot of our appreciation by touching. So when I say I want to hug you, it has to do with your energy and your style.  And the way you talk to us. It’s so calm that your sessions are a moment of peace in my life. It's so important for me because it’s so crazy out there. The rhythm we have in our meetings, that your style makes me stop. Reflect. There’s no rush here. It’s all about me. And that for me makes a huge difference.”

Malu Orlando, Unilever

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“I find your style very different to other coaching I’ve had.  It is very calm and powerful. I think it’s different and good because I find it incredibly relaxing even though you’re covering quite challenging topics. You have the ability to provoke, but your style is incredibly relaxing and calm and kind actually. So I think that the effect it has on me is — it feels like you’re landing stuff that’s really making me think but not in a way that’s making me feel uncomfortable.

“You have great insight. The way that you land things is sort of energising and exciting.”

Wendy Adams, Unilever

I feel very lucky to be working with you, Almira, because here I have a very wise woman, a very experienced person in life, a great humanitarian, a woman of vision, a woman who encouraged me as the fairly mature woman I am, to rock whatever I needed to rock, just rock it.  I thought the process we went through helped me, let's not say to grow up, but to grow down.  Back to being natural.  Getting rid of the rubbish that you're carrying around with you.

Heather Fitton, Life Coach


Almira is fantastic at breaking down what seems like a mountain of information into small, digestible bites! I now feel like I can take action.

Sam Pilling, Bite Me Marketing

Dr Almira Ross is not only one of the first female cutting edge engineers and business powerhouses, she’s also a deep intuitive that walks her talk in life and in business.

You’d be blessed to have her touch your business and life.

Noha Essop, Consciousness Maverick


Thank you so much Almira. I’m a new coach and looking to identify my ideal client, and create my perfect offer, so your training could not have come at a better time. I can’t thank you enough.

Nicola Board, Life Coach