Adopt a Tweak a Week

A far better way to approach those New Year’s Resolutions!

I first came across this concept last month, listening to a presentation given by Carrie Wilkinson entitled ‘Status Quo or Status Grow’. It speaks powerfully to me about how important the ‘little things’ are in shaping your career and your life. The little things, repeated day after day, have a far greater impact on who you are and what you achieve than the grand gestures and big decisions you make.

Her idea is simple. You have a goal — a vision, an outcome. Those ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.  However, instead of taking your usual approach to achieving your New Year’s Resolutions — how often has this worked for you in the past? — adopt the ‘Tweak a Week’ approach instead.

All you do is find one simple, easy to accomplish activity to introduce into your routine each week. This tweak takes you one baby step closer to  your outcome. Repeated daily, it becomes a habit, consistently steering you towards what you want for yourself.

Next week, you continue with the first tweak, and introduce another. Get this bedded in and a part of the rhythm of your day, then next week, you introduce a third.

Keep this up and this time next year, you’ll have introduced 52 tweaks. 52 little things that, taken together, have a massive impact on your career and your life. 

The beauty of this approach is that it’s simple and workable. Each time you master a tweak, you’ve accomplished something truly remarkable. You’ve aligned yourself and your actions with what you most desire.  You’ll see the progress you’ve made and fill up with confidence and satisfaction. You’ll feel your outcomes are well within your grasp.

I suggest you adopt a Tweak a Week. Set a baseline for yourself first.  That way you have a stake in the ground against which you can measure your progress. Make a habit of a tweak a week, and celebrate the gains you’ve made. Who knows where you’ll be — or who you’ll have become — this time next year?

Remember, New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. I wrote about this in a blog I posted this time last year. The way we set them up and attempt to achieve them can’t help but fail:  wrong time of year; wrong thinking and wrong focus.  At that time I suggested a better approach to realising the visions, the goals or outcomes you have set for yourself — 

  • by moving in harmony with the seasons; 
  • focusing on what you want to create, not what needs fixing to ensure you’re always open to possibility; 
  • and finally, committing to your outcome, not to the action plan you create to get there.

Stay aligned and committed to your outcome. A tweak a week will keep you aligned and on course to achieve what truly matters to you — and do so with ease and joy. 

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions. Align with your outcomes. Adopt a Tweak a Week.

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