Take a Minute -- a Mere 60 Seconds and...

Free Up Precious Time

With this FREE One Minute Wonder

As a woman leader, your diary is crazy busy, with hardly a free moment in the day. You’re under intense pressure to perform and for your team to deliver stellar results

 So if you:

  • Have a crazy deadline you doubt you’ll ever meet…
  • Can’t see how you can possibly get everything done on time..
  • You’re continually stretched — and stressed — by a lack of time

Take a moment — 60 seconds at most, and


Perform this simple, yet powerful exercise and all of a sudden:

  • Your frantic preoccupation with time disappears.  Time pressures ease, causing
  • Your mind to still and your body to relax. And from this more relaxed state,
  • Your focus is clear and  surprisingly,
  • Everything you need falls into place and you get done what needs to be done 

Sceptical? So was Christina. She couldn’t see how this trivial exercise could possibly work. But one day she was under tremendous pressure to deliver results by end of day and knew she couldn’t possibly get it all done in time.

Fortunately she was open and willing to give this One Minute Wonder a go. In her words: “What did I have to lose?”

To her amazement, every meeting she had scheduled that day was cancelled. A member of her team stepped in without asking and offered to take on a big chunk of the work. She felt hugely relieved. And, come end of day, she delivered her project with ease. Not the least bit stressed.


Never be Strapped for Time Again!

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Expect the unexpected... That little bit of magic that makes all the difference.