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Elevate your leadership style and restore your energy and balance in 5 days. Each day a powerful 90 minute masterclass training scheduled to suit your busy diary.  You'll come away with radical strategies and simple, effective tools to support you and your team in navigating the uncertainties and challenges of the workplace.

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I. The Woman's Game of Business and how to play it brilliantly. You'll acquire a different perspective on your workplace culture, and how a shift in your mindset and approach immediately shifts your relationships for the better.

II.  Learn to let go of what's holding you back. And step into your power. You'll identify and release disempowering habits & beliefs -- and unconscious biases you never realised you possessed.

III. Restore your energy and wellbeing. And maintain it, with a few simple tools to ensure you always look after #1. You cannot lead powerfully otherwise.

IV:  Build trust & strong relationships.  Remote working has left many people disconnected. Trust has suffered. Today, you'll discover some effective strategies to re-build that trust in your teams, and re-ignite their passion and motivation.

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Agile Leadership Masterclass
















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