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Discover how to lead from your natural strength as a woman

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In this 

Women’s Leadership Individual Coaching Program

You get to play a different game. Not the man’s game you’ve been struggling to play well. That’s doesn’t work for you — cannot work for you, because it takes you out of your natural flow.  Yet, like many women, you feel called to step more fully into leadership, if only.…  

It didn’t involve a ridiculous workload and an unhealthy work environment. If  you’re honest with yourself, you know you’re struggling.  You may

  • Work long hours in an ‘always on’ environment, trying, with little success, to keep home and work life separate while you work remotely
  • Find your work environment has deteriorated since the pandemic — far less inclusive, less woman friendly. So much so, you
  • Find it hard to be authentic at work
  • Hesitate to take the next promotion because it means you’ll need to play an even crazier “work til you drop game”.
  • You’re already exhausted with your dual responsibilities at work and at home
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Something has to change before it's too late.

Not by leaving your job. You love what you do, despite the day to day challenges that wear you down. No,  by reconnecting to what most matters to you. Feeding your soul as well as your family. Making the impact only you can make through your role and leadership.  You know this is what you’re meant to be doing. It’s your soul’s calling gently nagging you to make a change.

 You can, more easily than you might imagine.

Introducing Agile Women’s

Leadership 1:1

This powerful 12-part 1:1 coaching program designed specifically for female leaders. It will take you on an extraordinary journey of discovery and transformation, by focusing on the few things that make the biggest difference to you and your leadership role.

  • Simple, effective strategies to restore your energy and vitality and fill your well of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being — what you and every talented woman needs to thrive.
  • Two profile tests to identify your natural strengths and leadership style
  • Exercises to enhance and embody the 5 powerful female archetypes each of which brings special qualities, strength and  effectiveness to you as you develop your own authentic style of  leadership.  
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  • The female leader’s toolkit — a powerful set of tools to support you in saying no with ease, setting and keeping boundaries, and taking back control of your time.
  • A simple yet powerful method for growing — and leveraging — the truly supportive network  you need to thrive as a leader.
  • Mastery of your energy and your mind to be the woman you need to become to lead authentically and effectively.
  • With all the support you need to breakthrough what's holding you back and make the impact you so desire.

All this, while playing a different game. Not the man’s game you’ve been struggling to play well. Rather, one that feeds your soul and plays to your strengths as a woman.  One that puts you into flow, so you can show up more powerfully at work, inspire your team and achieve stellar results quickly and easily.

You'll come to discover and own your power as a woman and from this place of immense strength, grow into a conscious and courageous leader so needed today. When you can truly express and live who you are and what you value, those around you will acknowledge your leadership and enthusiastically follow you.   And gently — perhaps even quicker than you expect — your work environment will change for the better.

Sound Good?

To see if this is right for you right now

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About Your Coach...

And throughout, you’ll be coached powerfully by me, Dr Almira Ross, your coach and mentor for this unique 1:1 leadership coaching programme.

As a women’s leadership coach who rose through the corporate ranks — my last corporate role was as global head of IT and information security for a large financial institution in the City — I’ve faced many of the challenges you’re likely to face. Playing the game the way everyone else did, dealing with myriad hidden agendas, political posturing, unconscious biases and downright discrimination at times.  

And wondering why I was so tired. So out of sorts. Why the job I loved so much had turned so sour…


Overworked, overwhelmed at times, under intense pressure to perform — not as well — far better than my male colleagues — I burned out. 

Recovering gave me the perspective I needed. To see my behaviour in the context of that environment, and realise how much I’d been compromising my integrity, my values and vision to fit in and succeed. It was costing me way too much.  

I realised too, that there was a better way — a way that enables talented women like you and me to thrive in the workplace, by adopting a new approach to leadership. 

And that’s what I’ll introduce you to in this programme. A new style of leadership that enables you to lead authentically. A style of leadership that draws out the powerful female archetypal energies within you to succeed on your terms. With ease, grace and a real sense of fulfilment.

As a certified women’s leadership coach and NLP master practitioner, I’ve coached hundreds of women like yourself. Taking them through powerful leadership programmes that have transformed their lives — at work and at home.  With improved relationships, renewed energy and confidence, you get to live your purpose, and truly lead the change you want to see in your world.

With my expert guidance, you too can enjoy a breakthrough in your leadership you never thought possible before.


Then I invite you to apply for a call with me today to discover whether this is right for you right now, and if so, explore what we can create together over the next 3 - 6 months to give you the breakthrough in your leadership role that you truly deserve.

Your Programme..

Agile Women's Leadership 1:1 is a 12 part one-on-one coaching programme that takes you on a journey of discovery, transforming your leadership style.  You’ll  

  • Discover why and how your current approach to leadership is holding you back and wearing you out. You’ll meet — and come to understand — the key disempowering archetypes that thwart your progress and keep you from fully realising your potential as a woman and leader. And let them go.
  • Tap into five powerful female archetypes that support and sustain you in your leadership role. Coming from these energies can and will transform the way you lead, the way you are perceived in the workplace, and ensure you progress in your career on your terms.
  • Tackle imposter syndrome, fear of visibility and lack of confidence, learn how to say no, set boundaries and reclaim your time and energy at work and at home. Confidently manage and lead others using cutting edge tools and strategies you’ll learn on the program.
  • Consciously create a strategic network to support you in your ongoing growth and development by building effective relationships at every level — with peers, senior manager, direct reports, sponsors, mentors and clients. As well as ensuring you have the necessary support in all other areas of your life to thrive.
  • Create and maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that your career does not override your family responsibilities. 
  • Uncover and tap into your values-led purpose to motivate yourself and inspire others.

By choosing Agile Women’s Leadership Coaching.

You’ll receive a tailored 1:1 coaching program specifically designed to address your leadership and personal challenges.  Over the course of 12 coaching sessions, you’ll uncover any blocks or behaviours that are holding you back, and step into powerful archetypal energies that can and do transform your leadership style.

What You Get..

  • 12 weekly or fortnightly one-on-one coaching calls with your coach. You decide on the frequency to suit your diary.  The programme is structured to take you on a powerful journey of transformation. On each coaching session you’ll be introduced to powerful archetypes and tools that address your challenges, eliminate blocks to your flow and support and enhance you in leading authenticall
  • Contact with your coach by email to deal with any issues or challenges that may arise between coaching sessions.
  • Two profile tests to identify your natural path to flow and leadership style. You’ll receive a full debrief of each profile test to understand and truly own your greatness.
  • Making Time for What Matters — an online training course designed to free up 10 or more hours a week
  • Goals with Ease — a far more effective way of setting and achieving goals that speaks to your purpose.

Your Investment..

Just £799 + VAT per month

or  £3995 + VAT (6 months for the price of 5).

This is for you if…

  • You know you’re here to make a difference, but.. you’re so overwhelmed by the myriad demands of your day to day, you have little time or energy left over to make that difference
  • You see how your team is suffering. You’ve begun to take initiatives to ensure greater openness and inclusivity at work. More support for colleagues who have suffered during lockdown. And your work is not being recognised
  • You want to lead authentically at work, but find you’re often compromising your integrity simply to fit in or get by

And Definitely Not for You if..

what does authentic leadership mean
  • You’re convinced you can do it all yourself. It takes balls to succeed in a man’s world, and you’re doing just fine thanks
  • You think all this feminine power stuff is a load of bollocks. Just the word ‘feminine’ sends you round the bend. It’s weak and ineffectual and you’re definitely not
  • You’re resigned to your lot and don’t see how you or anyone could make a change. This is just the way it is.  

Are you ready to step into your own authentic power and lead the change you want to see in your world?

But, But, But...

I’m already overstretched. 

When am I ever going to find the time for this in my crazy busy diary?

One of the first things we address is time and energy management — which typically frees up more than 10 hours a week and restores your energy. Make your coaching call one of those free hours, once a fortnight. We’ll schedule it to fit into your diary.

Overwhelm will soon be a thing of the past, as you discover how to say ‘No’, and set boundaries. Not only will this ease your workload, but also, enable you to focus on those activities that bring you into flow and feed your soul.

That’s a lot of money..

Yes, it is. Previous clients have found it worth every penny and more. One crazy busy client broke through a few of her blocks during our sessions, mustered the courage to go for a promotion and so impressed her superiors that she got it. Not only is she now on a much higher salary, she is in command, setting her own workload, selecting the right team and sponsors to support her in her new role. 

This is a considered purchase. Book a no obligations call to discover whether this program is right for you right now.

And finally,

What Have You Got to Lose?


A whole lot actually…

  • Your constant frustrations at work and at home
  • Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
  • Being talked over, or ignored in meetings with colleagues
  • Disappointment when some upstart male gets the promotion you’ve been groomed for
  • Burn out
  • Feeling you’re all on your own