Take a Minute -- A mere 60 Seconds and...

Release Stress & Replenish your Energy

With this FREE One Minute Wonder

As a woman leader, you’re under intense pressure to perform and for your team to deliver stellar results. That can’t hep but stress you out and leave you feeling exhausted by the end of the day.

So, if you 

  • Find it hard to cope with the frantic, busy, ‘always on’ demands of a typical day-to-day…  
  • Feel low on energy or unable to focus…
  • If you’re tired, stressed, out of sorts, or…
  • Desperately need a quick pick me up…

Take a moment — 60 seconds or less and

Wiggle your Ears

Sounds crazy, I know, but this simple, powerful exercise

  • Releases energy blocks and quickly relieves your stress.    
  • Flushes out toxins from your system, so you feel
  • Relaxed, refreshed and energised for the rest of your day, with 
  • Enhanced  focus and concentration
  • Greater creativity and insights

You may feel a frisson of energy as you do this and a warm glow to your ears.  Proof positive it works.

Carole came to me one day absolutely frazzled. She’d had a day of horrors and felt not just exhausted — depleted. I showed her how to Wiggle her Ears, and this immediately released all her pent up frustration and tension. She felt full of energy, her face beaming afterwards. She now makes Wiggle your Ears a part of her morning ritual — and turns to it any time during the day when she’s stressed out or frazzled.  


Relieve your stress. Boost your energy

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