Why does leadership style matter?

Why does leadership style matter

How the right leadership will help you and your environment thrive

Your leadership style is very important because its impact can reach right down to the roots of the company and beyond. The right leadership style will create an environment that encourages growth and positive change, something that is very much needed in our workplaces today. When you invest your time, develop consistent habits and build trust you’ll get the most out of your team.

How leadership style impacts your workplace

A successful leader can motivate and inspire a team to succeed so that everyone feels appreciated and respected. A bad leader, on the other hand, can create a negative impact on morale and productivity. Indeed, it just takes one ‘jerk’, one disgruntled member of a team to pull the entire team down. Your leadership and your team matter, and by adopting a leadership style that plays to your strengths as a woman, you can help your organisation grow and be successful. Adopting the wrong leadership style can quickly lead to decline.

So what is a ‘wrong’ leadership style? It’s self-serving, controlling, and dominating.

Leadership should not be about control and domination; it is a nurturing role, for which women are ideally suited. Effective leaders know never to micromanage. Once trust is established, it’s just a question of checking in from time to time to make sure your team members have all they need.

There is no right or wrong leadership style; there are only different ways of leading. Some are more suited to women than others, and this approach is what I encourage the women leaders I work with to adopt. It’s fine to have different types of leadership within a company. Leadership style depends on your personality, beliefs and values, and the courage to stand by your values when times are tough. At the heart of effective, conscious leadership is respecting others and acknowledging their value and contribution.

Your leadership style can change over time, as you grow and learn from past experiences. Your teams then reap the benefit of your knowledge and experience..

Your leadership style may need to adapt to the situation at hand, perhaps being more direct, or more empathic in your approach.

To be a truly great leader, you’ll need a good amount of confidence in yourself and your abilities. A woman leader who is confident in herself will listen to input, be able to motivate others and give direction.

Differing leadership style benefits

Visionary leadership is ideal for a new project or for a new company. This style is ideal for getting things started and creating a vision for the future. Visionary leaders often have a long-term vision for their organisation that can affect the direction of the company for years, which provides a connection between the organisation’s past and its future.

Transactional leadership is great when an organisation needs to fulfil a particular need or goal, such as getting a product to market. This leadership style is strong at accomplishing short-term tasks but does not provide a long-term vision or direction for the organisation.

Transformational leadership is ideal when your organisation needs to make changes or adapt to new circumstances. Transformational leaders are excellent at inspiring and motivating employees. This style can be effective in helping organisations overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Given your natural talents, one of these leadership styles will be more comfortable for you than the others. Yet, all are needed. Within the context of your organisation – as well as your team – you need these different talents and leadership styles at play to deliver stellar results. That’s why it’s so important to have a balanced leadership team in place.

Is it time you cultivated your unique leadership style?

Are you asking yourself does my leadership style matter? If so, it’s time to take action. Let me help you step into your power and lead the change you want to see. You will collaborate with a group of women who, like you, want to see their work environment blossom – key to your job satisfaction and fulfilment.

With my Women’s Leadership Coaching Programmes, you can adopt a new approach to leadership — one that plays to your strengths, values and natural talents as woman. And from which, you will be able to effect significant, often immediate, changes in your relationships, personal and work life. And do so with ease and grace.

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