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Essential training for women leaders to ensure you never again get caught out in an emergency. You have a robust support network to call on.

The main goal of this masterclass is to consciously create a network that supports you in every area of your life.

Mustering a Robust Support Network

 A live training and open discussion sharing  tools and techniques proven to work

Ensure you have the support you need in every area of your life, and especially whenever things don't go according to plan

Thursday 27 July 2023 at 12:30pm GMT

What You WILL learn on this Free Masterclass

Recognise Evaluate Expand Nurture & Maintain

Step #1: Recognise

Where, when and why you need a support network

Step #2: Evaluate & Expand

Take an objective and critical look at the support you currently have, identify and fill the gaps

Step #3: Nurture & Maintain

Nurture your network, re-evaluate it as your circumstances change

Your Host, Dr Almira Ross


Almira is a certified, award winning coach, author and NLP master practitioner who encourages women leaders to connect with their innate feminine power and lead authentically.

She trained as an electrical engineer and enjoyed a successful 25 year career in information technology, rising to the top of her profession.  She knows first hand the pressures and stresses that come as 'normal'  for high-powered senior leaders.  She knows too, the mental, physical and emotional strain that can have on a woman -- her health, her relationships, her emotional and mental wellbeing.

When she left the corporate world, Almira chose to forge a second career as a woman's leadership coach. In this capacity she has helped women create a healthy work-life balance and encouraged them to step fully into their power and transform their work environment into a healthy, inclusive workplace that enables everyone to flourish.

She has coached hundreds of women, taking them through powerful leadership programmes that have transformed their lives - at home and at work.  With improved relationships, renewed energy and confidence, her clients live their purpose, and truly lead the change they want to see in their world.