Elevate your Performance

This masterclass explores how to achieve an outcome that truly inspires you, elevates your performance and increases you influence and impact. You'll discover your 'path of least resistance' is the simplest, most direct route towards your goal.

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This master class is for high performing women like you, who:

  • Want to increase your impact and influence
  • Eager to grow, develop and take on more responsibility and influence
  • Rise to the next level in your organisation
  • Serious about making a difference in your organisation
  • Leading change initiatives in your organisation 

It all begins with your aspirations, and in particular,

the One Thing that would make the biggest difference to your life and career.

Initially that's just an idea and somehow, over the course of the next 12 months, say, you need to take that idea and make it real.

Easier said than done. With a crazy busy diary and constant demands on your time and energy, it can be hard to keep your focus and stay on track.


That's where understanding the nature of your journey is critical to your success.

Not one journey, but two across the GAP: an outer journey of achievement, and an inner journey of growth and development.

There's crap in that GAP. It's riddled with challenges, road blocks and distractions that could derail you -- and leave you 12 months down the line without having accomplished what you set out to do.

That would be tragic!

Here's how to ensure you do, indeed, achieve your outcome by following your Path of Power, your Path of Least Resistance...

Step 1: Align your Purpose

The cornerstone of this journey is aligning your 'One Thing' – your envisioned outcome or significant goal – with your vision, values, and sense of purpose. This alignment is the bedrock of fulfilment and inspiration.

When your goal resonates with what truly matters to you, your path becomes one of passion and purpose.  You remain inspired by that outcome; you stay focused and find meaning and fulfilment day-to-day as you take the steps to achieving it.

Step 2: Reclaim Your Power

Empowerment is a vital facet of this transformation. It entails embracing your authentic talents and strengths as a woman leader. Challenges are an inevitable part of the journey, and effectively surmounting them rests on your ability to harness your power and tap into your fullest potential.

Step 3: Engage with Your People

The final piece of this journey involves enrolling and engaging with your network of supporters. The people who align with your aspirations will play a pivotal role in the pursuit of your goal. This collaborative approach exemplifies the essence of elevating your performance – a synergy of purpose, empowerment, and community engagement.

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Unleashing your leadership potential transcends personal growth; it's about forging a legacy of influence and impact. Elevating your performance isn't just about excelling – it's a catalyst for driving transformation. This journey involves honing your skills and leveraging your strengths to inspire others. By nurturing your potential, you become a pivotal force that not only advances your own journey but uplifts teams, organisations, and communities. Your leadership isn't just about leading; it's about elevating your performance to spark positive change and create a lasting impact.


Are you ready to begin your journey to unearth your leadership potential and propel you toward transformative growth? Join me, Dr. Almira Ross, to explore how you can  elevate your performance, magnify your impact, and leave an enduring legacy. 

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Your Host, Dr Almira Ross


Almira is a certified, award winning coach, author and NLP master practitioner who encourages women leaders to connect with their innate feminine power and lead authentically.

She trained as an electrical engineer and enjoyed a successful 25 year career in information technology, rising to the top of her profession.  She knows first hand the pressures and stresses that come as 'normal'  for high-powered senior leaders.  She knows too, the mental, physical and emotional strain that can have on a woman -- her health, her relationships, her emotional and mental wellbeing.

When she left the corporate world, Almira chose to forge a second career as a woman's leadership coach. In this capacity she has helped women create a healthy work-life balance and encouraged them to step fully into their power and transform their work environment into a healthy, inclusive workplace that enables everyone to flourish.

She has coached hundreds of women, taking them through powerful leadership programmes that have transformed their lives - at home and at work.  With improved relationships, renewed energy and confidence, her clients live their purpose, and truly lead the change they want to see in their world.