Making Time for What Matters


  A 4-part Online Training Program to Manage your Time Effectively
 And Free up to 10 hours a week

We all lead incredibly hectic lives, with more demands on our time and energy than we seem able to deal with. Often those demands take us away from what really matters – myriad activities and distractions  that keep us from the real work we know we are here to do.

That’s why it’s so important to get crystal clear on what really matters to you – and master the tools to reclaim your time and energy so you can  focus on what matters.

This is not yet another traditional time management programme. You may suspect they really  don’t work for you – may even frustrate you. Leave you feeling inadequate when your crazy busy diary gets out of hand…

No More!

It’s time to take back control of your time and energy. The way to manage your time effectively in work and in life isn’t just starting strong, it’s matching  your energy to the task at hand so you can stay strong over a period of time. And to have staying power, you will need to keep your work within sustainable boundaries, working at a sustainable pace with new time and energy management skills.


There are a few simple  steps to  managing your time effectively.  The key lies in understanding and respecting your energy and cycles.  When you follow these steps, you’ll establish a  rhythm and find that you  accomplish more of your goals with ease.

That’s what’s missing from traditional time management programmes — they fail to account for energy.  Everything changes when you do.

  •   No more struggling to get things done
  •   No more feeling exhausted at the end of the day
  •   No more wasting time (and precious energy) serving other people’s agendas

What You Get...

In this four-part online course, you’ll discover the time and energy secrets every busy woman needs to  manage your time effectively, enabling you to:

  • Clear your ‘to-do’ list and important tasks
  • Discover what really matters to you
  • Become more discerning about what you say ‘yes’ to
  • Appreciate and work with — rather than against — your natural rhythm and flow 
  • Save precious time by designing your day according to energy, not activities

We are designed for cycles of activity and rest.  Rather than just set  time limits and hope for the best, you’ll discover how to match your activities to your energy and natural rhythms and flow.

Manage your time effectively by
Making Time for What Matters

and free up at least 10 hours a week!

Each module is approximately 15 minutes long. You can complete the entire course in just over an hour. So, give yourself the precious gift of more time and far more energy, and 

 Make Time for What Matters

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