career accelerator

Elevate your performance, impact and influence. Accelerate and advance your career in the next twelve months. Discover if this program is right for you right now. If so..

We'll work together to ensure you achieve your career aspirations --  the one shift that would make the biggest difference to your leadership and your career.

We'll go deep into how you can apply our Leadership Spectrum to give you the solid foundation every woman leader needs if you are to lead the change you want to see in the world.

  • You'll reclaim your time and energy -- and learn how to protect and maintain it, regardless of the stresses or pressures you may be under in the workplace.
  • You'll overcome your self-doubt, reconnect with who you are and what really matters to you. Clear on your vision and purpose, you're now in a position to make the difference only you can make.
  • Next your people, without whom you cannot effect positive change. You'll discover how to inspire and engage your people and expand your influence to create an even greater impact.

If you want to know if this is right for you right now, book a short call and let's explore your options. You'll get powerful coaching regardless of what you decide.

Make the positive impact only you can make.

"A life changing 30 minutes"

"I was under a lot of pressure — responsible for a team that I represented, responsible for the role of mother and caregiver. And of course, responsible for my job. On the go all the time. But also feeling very victimised.  I think there was a lot of victim energy pent up in me, coming out in pressure situations.


It was costing me all my energy, all my peace, sometimes my sleep, my relationship with my family.

I think one of the biggest benefits I feel is a clearing of the energy, clearing of my mind... I’m feeling more calm. I’m taking charge of my own wellbeing, by taking charge of my own life rather than succumbing to a calendar. “