The Right Team to Ensure your Success

Partnership, collaboration and support are all key to your success as a woman leader, Nowhere more so than with your team.  Ideally, your team needs to comprise a group of people with a balanced mix of complementary natural talents.  

Creative, innovative people to create value. Outgoing, people-people to leverage that value through their teams, connections and partnerships.   Grounded down to earth sorts who keep everything real and to time and create value through customer or other services. And the nigglers for detail multiply the value of the team through data and numbers.

When each member of a team owns their value and recognises the value that everyone else in the team provides, that team builds trust. And with trust comes improved performance and the magic of flow. Theirs and yours.

With two important caveats:

  • That all four natural talents are present in the team and
  • Each person is in a role that plays to their strengths and natural talents.

If even one is missing, the team is off balance and out of the flow.  Trust erodes. Productivity declines. And you as a leader are left unsupported. And unable to get into your own flow.

So if you find you’re spending much too much time dealing with “team problems” it may be time to look more closely at the dynamics of your team.

The primary purpose of a team is simple — to add value to the other teams they serve, and do so profitably.

Thereby serving the wider purpose of the organisation or enterprise:

To add value to the community it serves, profitably

Fundamentally, it means that each team member is pulling his or her weight — adding value to the team through the full deployment of their natural talents and flow. And leveraging the value of other team members, with different natural talents, in order to ensure that team excels at what it does.

If they are not, then the entire team — and you as their leader — suffer. As do the other teams you serve, and ultimately the organisation itself. So, ensuring you have a strong, high-performance team inflow is essential. The first step:

Know and own your own natural talents as the leader of that team

Take your talent dynamics test and discover your own natural path to flow — and the best strategy for you to adopt as a leader of your team. You’ll also discover the way in which you create the most value to the leadership team you are a part of. And importantly, how you can leverage your value there, to ensure that your direct reports fully appreciate your contribution to that team — and to the wider organisation.

Request a talent dynamics test right away. Let’s see what we can do to get you and your team into flow.

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