Get Paid your Worth Masterclass

This masterclass focuses on getting paid your worth - and that means knowing and owning your value and importantly,  being able to communicate that value to others. It's only then that you're in a position to negotiate the salary and benefits you know you deserve.

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This master class is for high performing women like you, who

  • Fail to get the acknowledgement you know you deserve
  • Know you're underpaid for the contribution you make
  • Find your ideas hijacked by male colleagues
  • Are serious about making a difference

And you're ready and willing to step beyond your perceived limitations and realise your full potential. What you may fail to realise is the extent to which your environment is holding you back from doing just that. 

You live and work in a social environment that, unfortunately, is still prejudiced against you.  And whilst you may be aware of the unconscious biases you see around you - the ones that hold you back, you may be less aware of your own unconscious biases and the impact they are having on you and your perception of your worth and contribution…

These cultural beliefs have moulded your behaviours, your beliefs and values and even who you are. The first step in getting paid your worth is in knowing your worth. And that means becoming aware of and peeling away some of your own unconscious biases so you can fully deliver your value.

Pay attention to your behaviour; it says a lot about your unconscious beliefs & values, and consequently how you show up in life. For example, if you continually say yes to every request and often resent doing so, you're likely to have an unconscious belief that says. "Everyone else is more important than I am." And that can lead to a way of being, the Pleaser.  You'll find many more examples in the masterclass recording.

With that awareness, you can begin to shift either your beliefs, or the strategy you learned early in life to 'get by' in the world, by combining the Problem Solver Framework with the Habit Shifter Framework for each of the behaviour patterns you realise are holding you back.

Know your Value

To provide value to others, you need a vision. Something you're passionate about, something that makes your part of the world a better place. Something that inspires you and others.  The vision is much bigger than you, so your mission is the way in which you realise the vision through your work. All of this is guided by your values, makes best use of your talents, and fulfils on your purpose.

Own your Value

Take the Hiccup Test to discover the extent to which you own your value.  

  1. Are you clearly articulating your value? 
  2. Taking credit for your wins?
  3. Educating your stakeholders?  If so, congratulations, you do own your value.

However, if you

  1. Tone down your message?
  2. Are afraid of rocking the boat or troubling someone?
  3. Hope your work speaks for itself? You have work to do

Communicate your Value

So often women fail to appreciate how their unconscious biases influence their behaviour in ways that undermine this essential aspect of getting paid your worth.  Here are few Dos and Don'ts:

woman 1


Get to the point
Ask for what you want
Accept praise
Claim your wins
Affirm other women
Use "I"


Preface your message with stories
Apologise; say "sorry"
Downplay your achievements
Assume your work speaks for itself
Belittle your contribution
Use "We"


Get Paid your Worth

Leave your Imposter and Pleaser at the door. They will not serve you in this important negotiation. 

  1. Do your homework. Know exactly what you want.  What is equal remuneration for you? The range of pay and benefits for someone at your level in your industry.
  2. Know exactly what you'll settle for. The lowest possible package that's acceptable to you
  3. Clearly communicate your worth. Ask for what you want and need, and if you don't get that right away, negotiate.

And never, never compromise your integrity

Gold Line

Your Host, Dr Almira Ross


Almira is a certified, award winning coach, author and NLP master practitioner who encourages women leaders to connect with their innate feminine power and lead authentically.

She trained as an electrical engineer and enjoyed a successful 25 year career in information technology, rising to the top of her profession.  She knows first hand the pressures and stresses that come as 'normal'  for high-powered senior leaders.  She knows too, the mental, physical and emotional strain that can have on a woman -- her health, her relationships, her emotional and mental wellbeing.

When she left the corporate world, Almira chose to forge a second career as a woman's leadership coach. In this capacity she has helped women create a healthy work-life balance and encouraged them to step fully into their power and transform their work environment into a healthy, inclusive workplace that enables everyone to flourish.

She has coached hundreds of women, taking them through powerful leadership programmes that have transformed their lives - at home and at work.  With improved relationships, renewed energy and confidence, her clients live their purpose, and truly lead the change they want to see in their world.