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Foundations of Leadership

A 6 Month Group Training & Mentoring Programme for Women Leaders

Where you reconnect with and

  • Reclaim your Authentic Power  
  • Engage your People to build the support you need in all areas of your life. And from this space, 
  • Align your Power and People with your Purpose to make the impact only you — the talented and capable woman you are — can make.

The programme runs once a quarter for a small, select group of women leaders to ensure that each and every one receives the attention and support she needs to thrive.

In their Own Words...

Here is what women who have completed this powerful program have to say about the way it has transformed their lives and careers.

Gold Line

Reclaim your Power

“I just didn’t feel very good at work and I was struggling to learn and remember what’s within my power.

“It was costing me my confidence, because I was feeling not valued, not very fulfilled and it was making me feel quite stressed, but also a bit horrible to be around in the evenings. And it was costing me clarity, I think, on what I enjoy and what I’m good at. I think that cloud, when it comes, it sort of makes you not very clear on things that you’d like to be doing.

You helped me understand better the power within myself.

Wendy Adams

Consumer Market Insights Director, Ice Cream Unilever PLC

“I found it very empowering, because you designed it in a way that I think, for me anyway, started out with building a consciousness in me around the power within. What I have within me that either I use a lot or don’t use a lot and how I’m capable of finding different powers within me to do great things, to feel better. 

"I feel like I have lots of space in my body, in my head, in my heart. I think my energy day-to-day is not drained at all. So I feel like I’m able to unhook all the time from situations. I’m feeling quite excited about the work I’m doing and the things I’m going to be doing."

Gold Line

Engage your People…

“I was under a lot of pressure — responsible for a team that I represented, responsible for the role of mother and caregiver. And of course, responsible for my job. On the go all the time. But also feeling very victimised.  I think there was a lot of victim energy pent up in me, coming out in pressure situations.

“It was costing me all my energy, all my peace, sometimes my sleep, my relationship with my family.

The real shift has happened within me.

Shafali Aurora

Consumer Market Insights Director, Global Lifebuoy and Hygiene Unilever PLC

“I think one of the biggest benefits I feel is a clearing of the energy, clearing of my mind. I feel there is a shift in the way I have contracted with my new team, coming in with clear, stated energy of ‘Okay, what are some of the values of our team and what are some of the behaviours that define those values?’  

“Agreeing those values really motivated the team and brought them together. And by consciously creating a network to support me, I’m feeling more calm. I’m taking charge of my own wellbeing, by taking charge of my own life rather than succumbing to a calendar. “

Gold Line

Align your Power and People with your Purpose..

(And Get a Promotion)

“At the beginning, I was really struggling when moving up in my career. I was even doubting myself about the next steps in my career. And if it wasn’t for the reflections and the things we talked about I wouldn’t have applied for that job. I was close to not applying. 

“The reason was not the job itself; it was what was expected of me. I couldn’t see that as a natural fit. It was about the people I’d have to interact with. Am I going to have to fake it all the time, or pretend to be somebody that I’m not in order to play this role? 

For me, the big transformation is about getting back to yourself and understanding who you are.

Maria Louisa (Malu) Orlando

VP Consumer Market Insights Ice Cream, Unilever PLC

I took Malu through a powerful visioning exercise, where she could see the impact she could make in this new role, and how she could step into it and be authentic. She applied for the role and got it…

“In this new role, I’m already putting some boundaries. I’m not willing to do it if I don’t have the right resources. And getting the right team in place.”