Free up precious time and energy

Reconnect with that Special Something that brings you alive.

Make the impact only you can make in a career that rewards you in every way




Build a resilient

Foundation of Leadership

Dear woman, in your heart of hearts you know you’ve lost touch with your soul somewhere along the line.  It’s gone missing in the rush to get ahead in your work, in the daily stresses of your job.

There’s never enough time. And what time you have is not your own.  You’re always ‘on’.  Smart phone constantly at your side.  You don’t want to miss out.  Can’t miss out.  It could cost you your job. You need it to pay the mortgage, sort out child care, send the kids to the best schools and universities, live the life you always dreamed of.  You know…

Beautiful home, loving family, fancy car, high powered job, exotic holidays, making a real difference to others…

Except you’re not living your dream life and you know it.  It’s become a nightmare that’s exhausting you, eating away at your soul. With all the demands on your time, you’re neglecting yourself and taking out your frustration on the very people who matter most to you — your family.

The tragedy — you’re not making your contribution. Not fulfilling that inner desire to be of real service to others.

All that can change in a few months,

When you give yourself the time you need to recover your inner balance and establish a firm, resilient foundation for yourself and your career.

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   Welcome to..

            Foundations of Leadership

Discover the strategies, systems and tools to  master your personal power, reconnect with your  soul purpose and lead yourself powerfully. We focus on three key areas:

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Reclaim your Authentic Power

You'll free up precious time, replenish your energy, connect with your Power Players, and learn how to protect your time and energy. Whatever life or your work might throw at you, you stand firm and unflappable.

Align with your Soul Purpose

You'll get crystal clear on your vision and values -- what most matters to you and why -- and take a deep dive into who you are to unearth your Genius.  This powerful process of re-membering is key to unlocking your full potential.

When you can stand in your Authentic Power, know and own your value and stay true to your Purpose, you're ready to take a stand for the impact you and only you can make.

Engage your People

You'll heal unhealthy relationships and discover how to deal with difficult people. Inspire others in your newfound vision, values and purpose to lead the change you want to see in your world.

You'll get strategic in developing your career networks and building trust in and with your teams.  Having consciously created the robust support networks you need to support you in all areas of your life, you're ready to inspire others with your vision, hold true to your values, step up in your career and make a lasting impact.

This is for you if...

You're an ambitious woman leader ready to step up in your  career.  AND...

  • You've lost your spark and need to find that 'something missing' so you can reignite your passion and move forward feeling fulfilled ..
  • You're stalled in your career and frustrated you're not making the progress or the impact you know you're capable of...
  • You're tired. You know it's time to find another job, a better work environment that will bring out the best in you and others...
  • You've recently made a big step up in your career, feel both excited and exposed and want help settling in and contributing fully...
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And Definitely NOT for you if...

  • You’d rather live with your busyness than your brilliance..
  • You can’t afford to take the time. Your busyness is more important than your wellbeing and the difference you want to make..
  • You’re closed to inner work and personal transformation..
  • You’re choosing to play small and blame others or the lack of opportunity for your situation in life..
  • You compare yourself to others and to your past…
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