Transform the Workplace MasterClass


We will look at changing the culture norms, increasing employee confidence, maybe even a total organisational transformation! It’s time to create a workplace culture where everyone can flourish, to thrive with flexible working, and to embrace both the digital and physical workplace.

During this highly interactive workshop, you and a few key team members will come together to identify challenges and work out how you can all best come together for a successful cultural transformation.

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Is your work environment suffering?

Your organisation’s response to the global pandemic has left you and your team exhausted. A scarcity mentality has set in as senior management reacts to market share and share price fluctuations. Transforming workplace culture is a necessary step.

Remote working, in an ‘always on’ company culture, with no or little separation between home and work has led to heightened stress, mental and emotional disorders. Hybrid working is here to stay and you and/or team need to adapt and make it work for you.

Change and uncertainty pervade every aspect of your working life. You, your leadership team, and your wider team, may be questioning whether to stay or go. You’ve already lost several talented women from your team, and are concerned others may jump ship as well, unless things improve.

Things can improve

The Transform the Workplace MasterClass is the first step to greatly improved corporate culture. You’ll identify all the challenges you face, home in on the one that makes the biggest difference, and unpick it.

You’ll be introduced to the key principles of Agile Women’s Leadership and why this style of leadership is so needed right now. And how, from this place of authentic power, you can easily and graciously effect the change you desire.

Then, by understanding it thoroughly, you’ll map out a few simple steps to creating a culture to take you forward with engaged employees — and indeed, use this same process on any other challenge you may be facing.


What is the Transform the Workplace Masterclass?

The MasterClass is a full day interactive workshop for women leaders to identify the challenges they face in the workplace. All the issues that block flow will be investigated, and you will collectively agree the most pressing of these issues/challenges.

This is known as the Big Domino, the ‘one thing’ to solve so that many of the other problems either cease to exist or will be much easier to solve going forward. You will then ‘walk back the cat’ to identify exactly where and how the Big Domino shows up, and fully understand its impact.

Map out a ‘project plan’ — a set of steps that resolve the challenge and transform your workplace in that area, and how this process can be used to address other workplace culture challenges.

The benefits

Receive an appreciation of the full gamut of challenges you face as a woman leader in the workplace, and insights into the ways in which these impact you and your team — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Tap into that collective intelligence to identify the Big Domino, the ‘one thing’ to sort out so that pretty much everything else falls into place. Action a simple ‘project plan’ to address and resolve that ‘one thing’.

The opportunity to share your challenges and insights with women leaders in other organisations — a problem shared is a problem halved. Gain the confidence to make the change and transform your workplace for the better, for a better all-round employee experience.


My promise…

High engagement, productivity and trust.

Open, inclusive and sustainable sessions.

No compromising your values, wellbeing or personal life.

This Course is for You If..

  • You are a woman leader in a work environment that thwarts your progress with unconscious biases and hidden agendas leading to a lack of trust and potentially hostile behaviour.
  • You’re working with poor performing teams.
  • You’re dealing with a lot of change and uncertainty, recognise that changes need to be made and have the courage to lead those changes. Work environments have become more challenging during and since the start of the pandemic.
  • Post lockdown, you are concerned about your teams, because they are struggling at work — mentally, emotionally and psychologically. You maybe already providing compassionate support for them, but this may not be acknowledged or receiving the desired behaviors.

Or maybe you are just at the point where you’re desperate, and need to do something, anything, to improve your work environment and that of your team.


And Not for You If…

  • You’re one of the lucky few who already work in a perfect organisational culture, an inclusive and sustainable, diverse and equitable workplace with outstanding performance management.
  • You don’t want to rock the boat and would rather put up with things as they are, no matter how difficult.
  • You feel there’s no point in trying to change something so entrenched, or you are happy to leave it to someone else to make a difference.

No buts about it….

But I can’t find the time in my crazy busy schedule’

Register for the masterclass that best suits your diary… It’s a full day commitment and I appreciate it’s going to be challenging to block off that time in your diary. That’s why we schedule one of these each month, on different days of the week. Find a time, two, three or more months from now and block off that time.

This won’t just transform your workplace; it will ease your working life and that of your team. Surely less stress and more fulfilment at work is worth the time. Online so you don’t have to find your way to a venue and take extra travel time into account.

‘But can we really make a difference when attitudes are so entrenched?’

Even if the workplace culture is entrenched, it’s possible to make changes for the better. That’s what the ‘project plan’ does: it sets out in a few simple steps, the path to take to resolve the biggest single challenge you face there.

And when your senior management sees the difference in your team’s productivity and flow, they’ll want to implement this change elsewhere in the organisation.

Transforming Workplace Culture

On your own you can do little to change the workplace culture. It’s too big a task. Yet by leading from your authentic power as a woman, and collaborating with other women in their authentic power, you can create miracles.

Bring a few key women from your team to this powerful group program and co-create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone can flourish. You’ll discover how quickly relationships, performance and productivity improve.

More importantly, you — and the women in your team — will restore inner balance, and come from a place of inspiration, strength and joy. Bring your team to a Transform the Workplace Masterclass. The MasterClass is run once a month, just register for one that suits your schedule.