Break the Cycle of Overwhelm 

This masterclass focuses on breaking the cycle of overwhelm by recognising what tips you into overwhelm, then getting curious and clear on every aspect of the cycle, so you can break it and deal more resourcefully with those same situations in future.

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This master class is for high performing women like you, who

  • Experience overwhelm on a regular basis
  • Want to gain clarity on how this cycle perpetuates itself
  • Seek to break the cycle and gain a deeper understanding
  • Aim to navigate these situations with confidence and resilience.

Overcoming overwhelm is not a simple task, but it is absolutely achievable. We will explore three fundamental steps that will guide you towards reclaiming control over your life. Our first step is to recognise and acknowledge all the situations-the times, places and even specific individuals-that tend to tip you into overwhelm. By developing this awareness, you lay the foundation for lasting change.

Once we have recognised these triggers, we will dive deeper into the cycle of overwhelm. It's time to get curious and inquire about how this cycle feeds on itself, creating a vicious circle. Through a carefully curated set of questions, asked in the right order, you will gain a crystal-clear understanding of what precisely is perpetuating this cycle in your life. This newfound clarity becomes the key to breaking free from its grip.


Now equipped with knowledge and insight, we move to the final step-exploring more resourceful approaches to those very situations that once overwhelmed you. With a strategic mindset and a well-designed strategy in hand, you will learn to navigate these challenges with confidence and resilience. No longer will overwhelm dictate your actions and emotions.


Understanding the factors that contribute to your overwhelm is crucial. We'll be as specific and detailed as possible here, so we will:

  1. Consider how you experience overwhelm and its impact on yourself and those around you, both at work and at home. Reflect on how you typically handle overwhelm and where and when you feel it most intensely, such as specific times of the day, month or different seasons. 
  2. Analyse your reactions and behaviours when overwhelmed, as well as those of others, and identify what you currently do to alleviate this feeling. Determine what you need in those moments and how you can fulfil those needs.
  3. Explore an essential question: Why does overwhelm matter to you? Consider what purpose it serves and the effects it has on your life. Understanding the significance of overwhelm in your life will provide valuable insights for breaking the cycle and finding effective solutions.

These are the key things that will help you understand the triggers, the situations, the people and the circumstances that tip you into overwhelm.

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Your transformative journey of overcoming overwhelm. 

  1. Know exactly what situations, times and places trigger your overwhelm. Explore the range of factors that contribute to this cycle, such as the demanding nature of your high-performance lifestyle and the expectations within your industry.
  2. Determine the resourceful approaches and strategies that will help you navigate these overwhelming situations with confidence and resilience. 
  3. Ask for the support, understanding and accommodations you need to break free from overwhelm. 

Remain true to yourself and your values throughout this process of overcoming overwhelm.

I invite you to join me in the exclusive members area, where we will delve even deeper into this transformative journey of overcoming overwhelm. In this space, you will discover additional tools, techniques, and supportive resources to further enhance your growth and progress. Together, we will create a roadmap to help you overcome overwhelm and reclaim your personal power.

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Your Host, Dr Almira Ross


Almira is a certified, award winning coach, author and NLP master practitioner who encourages women leaders to connect with their innate feminine power and lead authentically.

She trained as an electrical engineer and enjoyed a successful 25 year career in information technology, rising to the top of her profession.  She knows first hand the pressures and stresses that come as 'normal'  for high-powered senior leaders.  She knows too, the mental, physical and emotional strain that can have on a woman -- her health, her relationships, her emotional and mental wellbeing.

When she left the corporate world, Almira chose to forge a second career as a woman's leadership coach. In this capacity she has helped women create a healthy work-life balance and encouraged them to step fully into their power and transform their work environment into a healthy, inclusive workplace that enables everyone to flourish.

She has coached hundreds of women, taking them through powerful leadership programmes that have transformed their lives - at home and at work.  With improved relationships, renewed energy and confidence, her clients live their purpose, and truly lead the change they want to see in their world.